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The classic hinge door

Outstanding insulation and optimal stability are guaranteed by the door jamb and leaf (90 mm). The door is an original concept developed by the company and unites over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing doors and gates. These exceptional masterpieces stand out for their high-quality and stunning design.
Auroport’s experience in door manufacturing and technical solutions, combined with innovative designs, leads to revolutionary ideas already in the first planning stage. On top of that, the doors are also fitted with original features including fittings, seals, and profiles.


Making the right decision has never been easier.


A harmonious setting or unique design elements can all be achieved by requesting select finishes and a combination of select materials.


Extensive thickness and seamless functioning even when opened frequently. Optional door automation upon request.


Increased protection against burglaries, exceptional soundproofing, and outstanding heat insulation for increased energy efficiency.


A uniquely stable product with special features obtained by combining noble metals and precise processing techniques.


Characterised by a modern design combined with outstanding heat insulation and reliable door controls.


A winning solution for its stability and precision

The narrow door jamb, manufactured using zinc steel profiles interspersed with thermal breaks, is also fitted with PU hardfoam cavity wall insulations, and its optimal shape offers large contact areas for seals, as well as ensuring optimal anti-theft features.
The door leaf is flush with the door jamb. The finishes of home entrances are all produced individually. Modern manufacturing processes leave the door open to the optional integration of cutting-edge door controls such as floor-concealed and automatic motorised door closers. Clients can also request the integration of sensor-activated interfaces for state-of-the-art home automation. Auroport personally developed the ball bearing mounted hinges.
The hinges are mounted and concealed at the top and bottom of the internal side of the door leaf and implemented on the door’s surface, adapting harmoniously to the whole structure. They represent an ideal solution when opening doors frequently as well as contributing to improved anti-theft features. Large, stainless steel safety bolts mesh on the hinge sides with the jamb profile.


Tailor-made designs and layouts

Every building represents traits of whoever commissioned it as well as embodying its function. The entrance is a border between the inner and outer world, between what’s public and private. The entrance’s layout helps preserve its intrinsic value.
Auroport doors are that motor which drives architecture forward or a very well-thought counterpoint. Design always unites technical solutions in line with client demands, delivering appealing and inspirational external or internal doors. There are no limitations when it comes to selecting materials, shapes, and colours, as the combination with glass surfaces always yields interesting layouts.
We work with nearly every material available: black plate, Corten steel, tombac finish, stone, plaster surfaces or leather combinations, bronze and brass as well as stainless steel, lacquered surfaces and many other possibilities.


Sweet dreams

All doors are installed with standard key-operated five-lever security locks and a combination of round bolt and hook bolt locking system. This solution guarantees the highest security measures.
Optional features also include mechanical self-locking door locks, premium fully motorised multipoint locks (five-point hook bolts), and numerous interfaces available. The hook bolt locking mechanism always locks automatically after having opened the door. The wires running between the door jamb and leaf, carrying the required electrical current, are concealed from sight. It’s a reliable anti-theft system.
All locks are always fitted with satinised stainless steel cuffs. The security cylinder is flush with the door leaf. Thanks to cutting-edge technology we don’t have to resort to unappealing lock bores to reach the highest security measures. The door can be opened using modern technology such as finger scans or remote control opening.


Tailor-made to your demands

The door, thanks to its spacious door leaf, can be fitted with a LED handle hollow without impairing its insulation properties. Moreover, quadruple glazing can also be installed. The glazing is mounted directly onto the door leaf.
External handles can be manufactured according to individual demands or as traded products. Various alternatives are also available; for example, homeowners can decide to include their very own monogram to the order.
The internal controls are in line with the design concept of the whole structure. The optional quadruple glazing lies flush with the internal and external profiles. Even with the optional glazing, the door still complies with class RC4 anti-theft measures.

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